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OSFA - The Federal Family Education Loan Program


Loan Maintenance and Additional Resources
Claim Filing -  Lenders and Servicers must use a claim form in order to request claim reimbursement on a borrowers loan base on the borrower's default, death, disability, bankruptcy, school closure, false certification or ineligibility for the loan. Lenders may access the form through the "claim filing" link .
Default Aversion Assistance Request (DAAR).  Default aversion assistance is collection assistance that a guarantor provides to supplement the lender's efforts to prevent a borrower from defaulting on their loan(s). Lenders may access the DAAR request form through the provided Default Aversion Assistance link.
Interest Rates -  Federal Stafford, Federal PLUS, Federal SLS, and Federal Consolidation Interest Rate Calculations.
Lender Reporting -  .
Rehabilitation of a Defaulted Loan - Under the loan rehabilitation program you and your loan holder agree on a reasonable and affordable payment plan for nine (9) consecutive payments. Rehabilitating your loan will remove the default status.  For more information regarding rehabilitating your defaulted loans, please contact: Regina.Mchardy@fldoe.org.
Reinstatement of Eligibility - If a borrower makes satisfactory payment arrangements on a defaulted student loan(s) and makes six (6) (on-time, reasonable, and affordable consecutive voluntary payments), the borrower may regain eligibility for student financial aid funds.  For more information regarding reinstatement of eligibility, please contact:  Sharon.Kalicki@fldoe.org or utilize the Reinstatement of Eligibility link.
Repurchase - A lender may repurchase a borrower's loan(s), removing the default status if a loan was inadvertently placed in default due to circumstances such as: error in posting borrower payments to account, information obtained demonstrating borrower should not be delinquent or in default status, student still in school, delay in processing deferment, or other reasons determined by guarantor.  For more information regarding repurchase, please contact:   Amy.Carr@fldoe.org.
The Lender Alert (pdf) - A monthly report published by the Policy and Institutional Eligibility Section within OSFA.  It offers information about postsecondary educational institutions and the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).  It specifically describes the following: institutions being terminated from FFELP; institutions awaiting participation approval, which have become newly eligible, or are being reactivated into FFELP; and institutions announcing their change of name and address.   Previous publication copies are available on our   Lender Alert Archives.   (Must be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
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