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OSFA - The Federal Family Education Loan Program


Loan Maintenance and Additional Resources
Interest Rates -  Federal Stafford, Federal PLUS, Federal SLS, and Federal Consolidation Interest Rate Calculations.
Rehabilitation of a Defaulted Loan - Under the loan rehabilitation program you and your loan holder agree on a reasonable and affordable payment plan for nine (9) consecutive payments. Rehabilitating your loan will remove the default status.   For more information regarding rehabilitating your defaulted loans, please contact:  Regina.Mchardy@fldoe.org.
Reinstatement of Eligibility - If a borrower makes satisfactory payment arrangements on a defaulted student loan(s) and makes six (6) (on-time, reasonable, and affordable consecutive voluntary payments), the borrower may regain eligibility for student financial aid funds.  For more information regarding reinstatement of eligibility, please contact:  Sharon.Kalicki@fldoe.org or utilize the Reinstatement of Eligibility link.
Repurchase - A lender may repurchase a borrower's loan(s), removing the default status if a loan was inadvertently placed in default due to circumstances such as: error in posting borrower payments to account, information obtained demonstrating borrower should not be delinquent or in default status, student still in school, delay in processing deferment, or other reasons determined by guarantor.  For more information regarding repurchase, please contact:  Amy.Carr@fldoe.org.
Return of Title IV Funds - is a federally mandated process by which a school calculates the amount of federal funds to be returned for a Title IV aid recipient who withdraws or who ceases attendance during a payment period or period of enrollment.  For training, please contact our Training Unit at Barbara.Dombrowski@fldoe.org or by completing the on-line training by accessing "The Return of Title IV Funds" links  Credit Hour or Clock Hour.
School Reporting -  A school's responsibilities for managing and reporting on the use of federal funds and for maintaining records.  For training, please contact our Training Unit at Barbara.Dombrowski@fldoe.org> or by completing the on-line training by accessing the School Reporting link.
Transcript Hold - Florida Statute 1009.95, requirement of all Florida Schools to abide to the following:  No borrower who has been determined to be in default in making legally required scholarship loan, student loan, or guaranteed loan repayments shall be furnished with his or her academic transcripts or other student records until such time as the loan is paid in full or the default status has been removed.
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