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OSFA - The Federal Family Education Loan Program

FFELP Contact

Office of Student Financial Assistance
325 West Gaines St, Suite 1314
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
The Office of Student Financial Assistance administers the Federal Family Education Loan Program within Florida for the U.S. Department of Education.  The list of contacts below provides individuals that may assist you within specific areas within the FFELP program.
Program Area Name Phone Email Address
OSFA Bureau Chief Levis Hughes 850-410-6842 Levis.Hughes@fldoe.org
Manager of Outreach Services Pedro "Pete" Hernandez 850-245-1821 Pedro.Hernandez@fldoe.org
Director of Claims and Recovery LouAnne Standley 850-245-1983 LouAnne.Standley@fldoe.org
Claims, Supervisor Amy Sebring 850-245-1979 Amy.Sebring@fldoe.org
Bankruptcy, Specialist Ben Szeto 850-410-6805 Benman.Szeto@fldoe.org
Repurchase Coordinator Amy Brinson 850-245-1971 Amy.Brinson@fldoe.org
Death/Disability, Specialist Amy Brinson 850-245-1971 Amy.Brinson@fldoe.org
Treasury Offset Program Coordinator Heather Johnson 850-245-1978 Heather.Johnson@fldoe.org
Reinstatement of Title IV Eligibility Specialist Sharon Kalicki 850-245-1902 Sharon.Kalicki@fldoe.org
Administrative Wage, Garnishment, Supervisor Suzette Bryant 850-245-1956 Suzette.Bryant@fldoe.org
Director of Information/Training Vacant
Program Policy Manager LouAnne Standley 850-245-1983 LouAnne.Standley@fldoe.org
Participation Agreements, Program Specialist Onaleah McClellan 850-410-6852 Onaleah.McClellan@fldoe.org
Institutional Review, CRI, Program Specialist Chuck Mellow 850-410-6850 Charles.Mellow@fldoe.org
Correspondence Unit Supervisor Eunice Selewski 850-245-1972 Eunice.Selewski@fldoe.org
Customer Service Supervisor Bryan Smith 850-245-1875 Bryan.Smith@fldoe.org
Default Aversion Tara Dickey 850-245-1833 Tara.Dickey@fldoe.org
Director of Loan Servicing and Forgiveness LouAnne Standley 850-245-1983 LouAnne.Standley@fldoe.org
Teacher Loan Forgiveness Specialist Amy Brinson 850-245-1971 Amy.Brinson@fldoe.org
Record Maintenance Manager Susan Screws 850-245-1870 Susan.Screws@fldoe.org
Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program Specialist Connie Rowland 850-245-1962 Connie.Rowland@fldoe.org
NSLDS, SSCR, Program Specialist Tony Davis 850-245-1919 Anthony.Davis@fldoe.org
IT Supervisor Giri Vasudevan 850-245-1824 Giri.Vasudevan@fldoe.org
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