Effective: August 1, 2015

Conversion and Program Implementation Issues

OADS translates FASTER records addressed to 99 or 10002 to the SPEEDE/ExPRESS format. The converse is also true. This document supplements the standard FASTER edits by outlining those elements that are required to be in the FASTER formats in order to produce SPEEDE/ExPRESS; it also lists the elements that are not required, but that can be included and which would produce a more complete SPEEDE/ExPRESS document.

The following information is required to address a request or response to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution or to receive the same.

Header Record (I/S/P00)

  1. If a request/response is addressed to a postsecondary instititution, the Addressed Institution, item 3, must be changed from the usual OPEID code and Campus number to the FASTER SPEEDE mailbox number of '00100020000'. If a request/response is addressed to a PK-12 institution, the Addressed Institution must be changed from the usual District and School Number to '00000990000'.

    When an institution receives a SPEEDE/ExPRESS transaction from a postsecondary institution, the value of Sending Institution, item 4, will be '00100020000' . When an institution receives a SPEEDE/ExPRESS transaction from a PK-12 institution, the value will be '00000990000'.

    In all cases, there will be a value in the SPEEDE/ExPRESS Institution ID field, item 16b, that identifies the SPEEDE/ExPRESS addressee/sender.

  2. The SPEEDE/ExPRESS Institution ID, item 16b, is the number used in FASTER that uniquely identifies the addressed SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution. The number is found on the Participation Status file which can be obtained by running program SRTS31. This number must be supplied when sending a request or response to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution and, if the response is one being made to a request (not unsolicited), must be kept in the Part B section of the Header record.

  3. The SPEEDE/ExPRESS Transaction Control ID, item 16a, is a unique code that identifies the transaction to the SPEEDE/ExPRESS trading partner. This field will be non-blank for When responding to a request from a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution (second bullet above), Section A, items 2-16c, MUST BE copied to Section B, items 17-32c.

  4. The Test/Production Indicator, item 6a, is very important in the SPEEDE/ExPRESS arena, as it is in the FASTER realm. Many institutions use that indicator to route the student record to the correct system. If a request for a Test record is received, it is imperative that a Test record be sent back.

The items that follow are those that must be entered on the FASTER postsecondary records to allow the System to successfully transform the postsecondary record format from FASTER to SPEEDE. Also included is a listing of other data elements that are not required for the SPEEDE format, but that would be useful in creating one.

Fixed Length Record (P01)

Items 16 through 35, although not required, are all fields which can be used in the translation of the FASTER format to the SPEEDE format. If your institution can supply any or all of these fields, the SPEEDE transcript produced from the translation will be more complete. Also, when receiving a transcript from a SPEEDE institution, these fields may supply you with useful information for admissions and placement.

Term Header Record (P02)

  1. Term Description item 8, can be very helpful to the receiving institution. It is recommended that you send it.

  2. It is strongly recommended that you send Institutional Name, item 9, if Number of Institution, item 5, is 999999.

Course Record (P03)

  1. The Course Level Code, item 18, is required. It indicates the level of the course offering.

    This will vary with each institution. The following example is how USF populated the field based on course number. In the example, the Course Level Code, item 18, is the value that will be sent with the SPEEDE transcript. The Course # Range is the range of course numbers that USF used to derive the Course Level Code.

    Course Level Code Course # Range
    D-Upper Div 5000-5999
    G-Graduate >=6000
    H-Higher/Upper Div 3000-4999
    L-Lower Div 1000-2999
    R-Remedial 0000-0999
    U-Undergraduate N/A
    I-Institutional N/A
    P-Professional N/A

    Note: USF used "L" for all AP/CLEP and special testing.

  2. The Academic Credit Type Code, item 19, is required. It identifies the type of credit awarded using the code list below:

    Code Definition
    A Adult
    C Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credit
    G Carnegie Unit
    N No Credit
    Q Quarter Hour Credit
    S Semester Hour Credit
    U Units
    V Vocational Credit
    X Other Credit

    USF populated their records with "N" - No Credit or "S" - Semester Credit

  3. Curriculum Code, Item 20, and Curriculum Code Name, Item 21, may be supplied using an 81 for CIP or 82 for HEGIS for the first and the actual corresponding code number for the second.

  4. Academic Grade Qualifier, item 22, is required and is dependent upon the actual grade value using Attachment 1 to Format P03. These values will be unique to the grading scale of each institution.

    USF used the following:

    Grade Value Grade Qualifier Added
    A 025
    B 025
    C 025
    D 025
    F 025
    -(dash) 503
    W 506
    S 530
    U 540
    M 513
    Z 500
    N 511
    I 505
    transfer work 504

  5. Academic Grade, item 23, is required and is the actual grade awarded.

Term Header Record (P03)

Transfer Segment Format (P05)

Institutional Name, item 4, is required if Institutional Code, item 3, is 999999.

Degree Record (P07)

Honors Level of Degree, Item 33, may be provided, using your institution's honors cross-walked with the three codes below:

Code Description
B35 Awarded with highest honors available
B36 Awarded with the second highest honors available
B37 Awarded with the third highest honors available

The items that follow are those that should be entered on the FASTER interdistrict and secondary records to allow the System to successfully transform the interdistrict/secondary record format from FASTER to ExPRESS. It is strongly recommended that the following fields be included; without them, the transcript loses much of its value to the receiving institution.

Student Information Record (I/S01)

Item 17 - Communications, Date Passed for Graduation Purposes
Item 18 - Mathematics, Date Passed for Graduation Purposes
Item 21 - Address Mailing
Item 23 - Birthdate Verification
Item 31a - Health Examination, School Entry
Item 34 - School Address, Current
Item 35 - School Phone Number
Item 44 - Grade Point Average State, Cumulative (for grade levels 9-12)
Item 54 - Graduation Requirement Basis

Course Record (I/S04)

Item 7 - District Number, Where Credit Earned
Item 11 - Grade Level
Item 14 - Course Title
Item 15 - Course, State Subject Area Requirements
Item 20 - Course Grade
Item 60 - Term Start Date, Term End Date, School Number Where Credit Earned Code Type, School Number Where Credit Earned Code

Vocational/LEP/Dropout Record (I/S05)

If vocational record is sent without the following fields, the information is ignored.

Item 9 - Vocational Termination Code
Item 10 - Withdrawal Date (Vocational Program Completion Date)

Note:   This applies to all four occurrences of the above fields in the Vocational Education Program repeating groups.