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The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program establishes three lottery-funded scholarships to reward Florida high school graduates for high academic achievement.

A required conversion to a new technology platform will delay students’ official Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Early Evaluation notices (both Eligible and Ineligible). Public high school students may access FloridaShines to check their scholarship status. Other students may request unofficial Florida Bright Futures Evaluation Reports from their high school counselors.

2016 Bright Futures Florida Legislative Changes

Bright Futures Student Handbook:

Chapter 1: Initial Eligibility Requirements
  • Requirements for the Three Scholarship Types (FAS, FMS, GSV)
  • Non-Traditional Students (home-educated, GED, out-of-state, mid-year)
Chapter 2: Information to Know Now That You Are Eligible
  • Length of the Scholarship Award
  • Award Amounts
  • Summer Funding
  • Transferring the Scholarship between Institutions
Chapter 3: Renewing Your Award
  • Renewal Requirements
  • Reinstatement Requirements
  • Restoration Requirements
  • Institutional Appeal Process

Other Bright Futures Resources:

Bright Futures Brochure
Chart of Eligibility and Award Criteria
Bright Futures Award Amounts
The Out-Of-State Student Guide
Bright Futures Statistical Reports
Bright Futures Credit Hour Renewal Requirement Interactive Tool
Religious and Service Obligation Reporting Form
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