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Florida Automated System for Transferring Educational Records

FASTER and its interface to SPEEDE/ExPRESS

FASTER and SPEEDE/ExPRESS are sets of predefined data formats used by educational institutions to electronically exchange student records and transcripts. Institutions must subscribe to the FASTER and/or SPEEDE/ExPRESS systems in order to participate in this exchange.

What's New

  • The 2020-21 FASTER annual changes took place September 1, 2020. Details for the cutover changes can be found in the Change Summary document.

  • In the FASTER User Manual, Chapter 5 - Connecting to FDOE and Chapter 6 - Process Parameter Record have been added. Chapter 6 explains a new process implemented by FDOE that elminates the need to submit IBM JCL and replaces it with process parameters.


It is always our intent to process student records as efficiently and securely as possible. If you have technical questions concerning the processing of FASTER records, please contact us at FSTR@fldoe.org. Please include the details of your question or request in your email.

High schools with questions regarding missing or rejected transcripts should first contact their district offices BEFORE contacting the Florida Department of Education. Districts receive an Edit Error Report each time they submit transcripts and can provide information regarding the processing of transcripts. In addition, transcripts which are processed by FASTER but fail Bright Futures edits are listed on the district's Incoming Aging Report.

Contact Us

Institutions and districts should contact us via
Email to: FSTR@fldoe.org

The FASTER System is for use by institutions and school districts and is not for personal use by students. Individuals seeking transcripts should contact their institution directly.