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The 2011 Florida Legislative Session enacted several changes to the Florida Bight Futures Scholarship Program.  To view these changes, please view Florida Legislative Session 2011 Updates and Legislative History.

Receiving Scholarship Funds After the First Year of Eligibility

    There are three methods by which a student may receive funding:

    1. Renewal
      Renewal refers to a student who received an award during one or more terms of the immediately preceding academic year.
    2. Reinstatement
      Reinstatement refers to an eligible student who did not receive funding during the previous academic year.
    3. Restoration - If you are a 2009-10 or later high school graduate, please read the NOTE below.
      Restoration refers to a student who:
      1. did not meet the GPA renewal requirement during a prior renewal evaluation period, but met the GPA requirement in a subsequent renewal evaluation period; or
      2. did not meet the minimum credit hours requirement during a prior renewal evaluation period, but met the minimum credit hours requirement in a subsequent renewal evaluation period as well as the minimum GPA requirement (available to only students not meeting the hours requirement in the 2009-10 academic year and after); or
      3. was initially eligible for a Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS), dropped to Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS) eligibility for one year or more, met the FAS requirement in a subsequent renewal evaluation period, and is once again eligible for FAS funding.

  NOTE: For 2009-10 and later high school graduates, if a scholarship is not renewed because of an insufficient GPA during the first year of funding, the scholarship may be restored in a subsequent summer or an academic year after the minimum cumulative GPA requirement is met.  Students who do not meet the minimum earned hours requirement or who fail to meet the minimum GPA requirement in any year, after their first year of funding will NOT be permitted a restoration opportunity.

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