OSFA - The Federal Family Education Loan Program

The Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to deduct interest paid on qualified educational loans.  OSFA makes the information available to our borrower’s via our website.   You must provide your Username and Password to access your personal information.  If you do not have a Username and password, you will need to register for one.  You may do this by clicking on the “Register here” link.  Once you have entered your Username and password, click on “Login”.   You will then be at the Borrower Summary page.  Click “Forms” on the menu bar to access the OSFA Forms Home Page.  Click on the tax form needed at the bottom left corner under “Tax Forms” to access your information.

Note: If you are unable to register, it indicates that you do not have a loan with OSFA or there is an error with your login.  If you can register but no information is provided, it indicates that you do not have any interest information on your loan(s).  Should you feel this is in error, please contact our Customer Service Unit at 1-800-366-3475 for assistance.  To begin accessing your tax information, click here.

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