Revised: July 1, 2016

Degree Format for Postsecondary Transcript

1. Degree records may be interspersed throughout a student's transcript in the same way as Remark Segment records (P04) records.
2. The presence of binary zeroes in data fields causes significant problems for several institutions in the receipt of student records. A transaction will be rejected if non-displayable characters are sent in the data unless found in Filler Reserved for Local Use. Please use some other appropriate character (e.g., SPACES) with which to initialize your records before sending them.
3. Item 33, although not required, is a field which can be used in the translation of the FASTER format to the SPEEDE format. If your institution can supply this field, the SPEEDE transcript produced from the translation will be more complete. Also, when receiving a transcript from a SPEEDE institution, this field may supply you with information useful in admissions and placement.
4. Special characters, tilde (~), caret (^), and grave accent (`), are used as delimiters in the translation of FASTER to SPEEDE/ExPRESS. They are reserved symbols and as such cannot be included in data sent through FASTER to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution.
5. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the field name.

Field Characteristics:

A = Alphabetic only
A/N = Alphameric
N = Numeric only
Z = Zoned numeric
P = Packed decimal
R = Right justified with leading zeros
L = Left justified

Format Characteristics:

Name: Degree Format for Postsecondary Transcript
Number: P07

Record Size: 1020

1 1-3 3 A/N Record Type*

This is the record type for the transaction. The value will always be "P07".

2 4-13 10 A/N/L Social Security Number*

List the student's social security number.

  4-12 9 N Social Security Number
  13-13 1 A/N Filler
3 14-19 6 N Term Designator*

This is a standard six digit code used to designate the term associated with this remark, if any. If this remark is not associated with any term header, it may be used to place it in proper sequence on the transcript. A value of all zeroes will be valid if the Remarks record precedes the first Term Record; a value of all nines will be valid only if the record follows the final Course Record. The first four digits are for the year; the last two digits designate a month. For January 1987, a term designator of 198701 would be used.

Format: CCYYMM

NOTE: The values of 000000 and 999999 are invalid if the degree was awarded by the sending institution.

4 20-20 1 N Term Tag Number*

This is a sequential number assigned to this remark. If this remark segment is to be associated with a term header, it will bear the same number as the term header. This number will be 0 unless this remark is associated with a term header that has a tag number other than 0.

5 21-21 1 A/N Degree Level*

This indicates the level of the degree or certificate awarded to the student by the sending institution.
Academic Level Code Definition
High School G GED
H High School Diploma
U College Ready Diploma

Postsecondary A Associate in Arts, AA
Undergraduate B Baccalaureate
C Associate in Science, AS
J Associate Degree, AA/AS unknown
Y Associate in Applied Science
I Advanced Technical Certificate
K Certificate, AS
1 Associate in Science, Statewide Articulated AS
2 Applied Technology Diploma
3 Postsecondary certificate or diploma (less than one year)
4 Postsecondary certificate or diploma (one year or more but less than two years)
5 Educator Preparation Institute
Q Other
Postsecondary D Doctorate
Graduate E Advanced Master's
F Dentistry, DDS or DMD
L Law, LLB or JD
M Master's
O Other
P First Professional (other than F, L, V, W or X)
R Engineer
S Specialist
T Certificate
V Veterinary Medicine, DVM
W Pharmacy (Pharmd)
X Medicine, MD

Other N No Degree
Z Not Reported
5a 22-23 2 A/N Institution Code Qualifier*

This is the code that identifies the type of number sent in Institution Code.

Code Definition
73 OPEID Code
ZZ Unknown
6 24-30 7 A/N Institution Code*

This is the OPEID code (see Appendix B ) of the institution from which the credit was received. If the code of the institution does not exist or is not known, a default value of all zeros should be sent with a value of "ZZ" in Institution Code Qualifier, item 5a.

The first field on the OPEID file contains the institution number of eight bytes, the last two of which are the campus number. For this application, use bytes 1-6, right justified, zero filled.

6a 31-38 8 A/N Filler
6b 39-68 30 A/N Institution Name

This is the name and address of the institution from which the degree was received if no OPEID number is available. For example, "AUTONOMA UNIVERSITY, MEXICO".

NOTE: This field is required if the transcript is sent to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution and no valid Institution Code is sent.

7 69-76 8 N/L Degree Date*

This is the date the degree was awarded. Format: MMDDCCYY

NOTE: Zeroes are valid in month and/or day if the sending institution is a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution or the degree is not awarded by the sender.

8 77-82 6 A/N Program Code

This is the appropriate code from the "Classification of Instructional Programs" or CIP code. For Community Colleges:

A&P Programs use digits 4 through 9 of the 10-digit CIP Code
Vocational Programs use digits 3 through 8 of the 10-digit CIP Code
For Universities: Use the appropriate 6-digit code from the CIP Code
9 83-122 40 A/N Comments Field 1

This is a free-form comments field.

10 123-162 40 A/N Comments Field 2
11 163-202 40 A/N Comments Field 3
12 203-242 40 A/N Comments Field 4
13 243-282 40 A/N Comments Field 5
14 283-322 40 A/N Comments Field 6
15 323-362 40 A/N Comments Field 7
16 363-402 40 A/N Comments Field 8
17 403-442 40 A/N Comments Field 9
18 443-482 40 A/N Comments Field 10
19 483-522 40 A/N Comments Field 11
20 523-562 40 A/N Comments Field 12
21 563-602 40 A/N Comments Field 13
22 603-642 40 A/N Comments Field 14
23 643-682 40 A/N Comments Field 15
24 683-722 40 A/N Comments Field 16
25 723-762 40 A/N Comments Field 17
26 763-802 40 A/N Comments Field 18
27 803-842 40 A/N Comments Field 19
28 843-882 40 A/N Comments Field 20
29 883-922 40 A/N Comments Field 21
30 923-962 40 A/N Comments Field 22
31 963-1002 40 A/N Comments Field 23
32 1003-1005 3 A/N Honors Level of Degree
Code Definition
B35 Awarded with highest honors available
B36 Awarded with the second hightest honors available
B37 Awarded with the third highest honors available
33 1006-1006 1 A Student Teaching Program
Code Definition
Y=Yes Student has completed a Student Teaching Program
N=No Student has not completed a Student Teaching Program
34 1007-1007 1 A Teaching Ed Program
Code Definition
Y=Yes Student has completed a State Approved Teacher Education Program
N=No Student has not completed a State Approved Teacher Education Program
35 1008-1011 4 A/N Filler
36 1012-1020 9 A/N Filler Reserved for Local Use