Revised: July 1, 2016

Remarks Segment Format for Postsecondary Transcript

1. The presence of binary zeroes in data fields causes significant problems for several institutions in the receipt of student records. A transaction will be rejected if non-displayable characters are sent in the data unless found in Filler Reserved for Local Use. Please use some other appropriate character (e.g., SPACES) with which to initialize your records before sending them.
2. Special characters, tilde (~), caret (^), and grave accent (`), are used as delimiters in the translation of FASTER to SPEEDE/ExPRESS. They are reserved symbols and as such cannot be included in data sent through FASTER to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution.
3. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the field name.

Field Characteristics:

A = Alphabetic only
A/N = Alphameric
N = Numeric only
Z = Zoned numeric
P = Packed decimal
R = Right justified with leading zeros
L = Left justified
Format Characteristics:

Name: Remarks Segment Format for Postsecondary Transcript
Number: P04

Record Size: 1020

1 1-3 3 A/N Record Type*

This is the record type for this transaction. This value will always be "P04".

2 4-13 10 A/N/L Social Security Number*

The student's social security number

  4-12 9 N Social Security Number
  13-13 1 A/N Filler
3 14-19 6 N Term Designator*

This is a standard six digit code used to designate the term associated with this remark, if any. If this remark is not associated with any term header, it may be used to place it in proper sequence on the transcript. It may also be left blank. A value of all zeros will be valid if the Remarks record precedes the first Term Record; a value of all nines will be valid only if the record follows the final Course Record. The first four digits are for the year; the last two digits designate a month. For January 1987, a term designator of 198701 would be used.

Format: CCYYMM

4 20-20 1 N Term Tag Number*

This is a sequential number assigned to this remark. If this remark segment is to be associated with a term header, it will bear the same number as the term header. This number will be 0 unless this remark is associated with a term header that has a tag number other than 0.

5 21-70 50 A/N Remark*

This is a free form remark.

6 71-1011 941 A/N Filler
7 1012-1020 9 A/N Filler Reserved for Local Use